Royalty Portfolio

Design illustration for CTI’s Coachella Campus, to be constructed in Coachella California

FinCanna’s flagship royalty investment is with Cultivation Technologies Inc. (“CTI”).  CTI is comprised of a team of experts from Fortune 150 precision agriculture, plant genomics, medical cannabis, law, engineering and technology.  CTI has demonstrated the ability to navigate permitting in California, the largest medical cannabis market in North America.  FinCanna provides funding to CTI for its planned, fully-entitled, large-scale indoor medical cannabis facility to be developed in Coachella, Southern California.

To be located on six acres, the 111,500 ft.²  planned Coachella Campus is designed to employ innovative, best-in-class solutions, featuring:

• Proprietary LED, racking, and irrigation
• Expected 2.5x yield and 40% reduction in energy usage VS. linear HPS setups

• Controls temperature, humidity, oxygen, nitrogen, and CO2 on a molecular level
• Protocols for chemical-pesticide free cultivation. Maximizes yield potential and plant health

• Vastly mitigates contamination risk and improves energy efficiency
• Minimizes crop loss while ensuring quality standards
• Insulates from external elements; creates ‘envelope’ for internal cooling system
• Gas-tight rooms allow for deployment of controlled atmosphere to molecular accuracy