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FinCanna’s West County Brands Adds Key Delivery Service to Product Rollout

Vancouver, British Columbia, March 24, 2022 - FinCanna Capital Corp. (“FinCanna”) (“the Company”)(CSE: CALI) (OTCQB: FNNZF) an investment company focused on the U.S. licensed cannabis industry, is pleased to announce that its investee company, QVI Inc., operating as West County Brands, has added Royal Greens, an Oakland California based licensed delivery service to its distribution team.

Royal Greens has joined FinCanna’s sales & marketing partner Petalfast and industry-leading distributor Calyx Brands, to further expand West County Brands distribution footprint in support of its product rollout of its MYTHC Life™ brand and its joint venture with Cherry Kola Farms, an award-winning producer of premium cannabis products.  Delivery service is an essential component of the Company’s brand development and retail sales strategy as it is another avenue of meeting consumer demand and increasing sales. Additionally, delivery is increasingly important as there are significant areas of the California market currently underserved by retail dispensaries due to the restrictive nature of certain local regulations regarding dispensary license approvals. Licensed home delivery services like Royal Greens are positioned to reach these underserved markets.

Royal Greens serves an area within a 100-mile radius from the city of Oakland and has a client base of more than 20,000 active consumers. Royal Greens is firmly positioned to expand sales of West County Brands’ high quality and disruptively priced products, seeing them as an excellent fit for their growing customer base.

Annie Holman, Co-Founder, and CEO of QVI, said, “Royal Greens is a strong addition to our distribution team. Getting our big-league brands MYTHC Life™, GOTHIC Life™, and Huckleberry™, as well as our joint venture partner Cherry Kola Farms’ products to California customers is imperative. As the demand for our brands continues to grow, our first-class service with Royal Greens will be instrumental in ensuring this happens.”

Andriyko Herchak, CEO of FinCanna l, said, “I’m thrilled to see the ongoing development of West County Brands on a week-to-week basis. From producing great in-demand products to the expansion of our distribution footprint with the highly regarded delivery service, Royal Greens, Annie Holman, Larry Shaeffer, and their team at West County Brands continue to excel. Scaling our business and driving increased revenues are dependent on superior distribution coverage across California, and the addition of Royal Greens and their impressive customer base supports this initiative.”  

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The legal U.S. cannabis market is expected to reach more than US$41 billion in annual sales by 2025, with California, the single largest market in North America, representing an estimated 20% market share or US$8.2 billion and edibles comprising over $900m of the overall California Market (New Frontier Data).

About FinCanna Capital Corp.

FinCanna is an investment company that provides growth capital to rapidly emerging private companies operating in the licensed U.S cannabis industry. FinCanna is focused on delivering high-impact returns to its shareholders by way of a strategically diversified investment portfolio. 

For additional information visit www.fincannacapital.com and FinCanna’s profile at www.sedar.com

About QVI Inc.

QVI, which stands for Quality, Value, and Integrity, is located in Sonoma County, California. Their purpose-built facility, previously known as The Galley and now West County Brands, is differentiated from other manufacturers by its proven automated capabilities to produce virtually all high-value cannabis products at large volumes under one roof. The facility is built to FDA and CDPH standards and focuses on high demand areas of production; Edibles, Live Rosins, Topicals, Tinctures, Chocolates, Hard Candies, Gummies, Beverages, Vapes, Pre-Rolls, and Flower Packaging.

QVI’s immediate goal is to become the premier manufacturer in California, the largest single market in North America, and upon success, to license products nationally and globally.

FinCanna Capital Corp. 
Andriyko Herchak, CEO & Director



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