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  • QVI, Inc. which stands for, Quality, Value, Integrity, is a cannabis infused product manufacturer strategically located in Sonoma, California, between the famed Emerald Triangle and the greater San Francisco Bay Area and operating as “The Galley”. The principals of QVI have decades of award-winning edibles manufacturing and food production experience in California.
  • QVI is currently refitting its 8,300 square foot facility in Santa Rosa, California.  The facility is built to FDA and CDPH standards and is focused on high demand areas of production; Edibles, Topicals, Tinctures, Chocolates, Hard Candies, Gummies, Beverages, Vapes, Pre-Rolls and Flower Packaging.
  • QVI’s immediate goal is to become the premier contract manufacturer in California, the largest single market in North America. QVI will be differentiated from its peers by its automated capabilities to produce virtually all high-value cannabis products under one roof. Its customer base will include legacy companies already on dispensary shelves, new entrepreneurs with creative IP, and out-of-state brands looking to enter the California market.
  • QVI is currently executing its three-phase development program to culminate in full commercial operation expected in Q1 2020.  Revenue from the first 12-months is expected to exceed US$10 million with significant remaining capacity.
  • Under the Royalty Agreement, FinCanna will receive a tiered corporate royalty, adjusted based on revenues, ranging from 15% to 6% of QVI’s total revenues, with the top royalty rate of 15% on the first US$20 million of annual sales until cumulative royalties to FinCanna of US$10 million are achieved. Additionally, FinCanna will receive a Supplemental Payment, that when coupled with the royalty, will ensure FinCanna receives a minimum of 35% of the annual after-tax net income from QVI.

To learn more about QVI, Inc. visit: http://thegalleysr.com/ 


QVI Team

(From the left) Rori, Gina, Annie, Chenoa – QVI’s Main Team Standing in Front of Their Event Center Along with Cannabis Mermaid Zena

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